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Top 6 things when buying in the mountains

Updated: 09/27/2022 • Bernie Gilchrist

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There are a few things you’ll need to know about buying a home or property in Western North Carolina before you begin your search.

So many people come here with their own life experience and ideas and... This is How we do it back home in search for their dream home here in the mountains, only to experience disappointments. Here are a few things to look out for before buying your new home or property in Western North Carolina.

1. Topography
It’s crucial you understand how the topography will affect your bottom-line.  Look to purchase a home or property without any washout issues. The mountains can create fast moving water and drainage will need to be considered before any purchase. Also, a steep grade can cost you tens of thousands extra just in the foundation. Driveways can be a challenge, so always keep them in mind when considering a home or property here.

2. Proximity to town
Ensure you select a home or property that’s within your ideal distance to town. These mountains can slow you down!  If you go to town often, then you’ll want to be close to town for convenience. If you travel out of state often then consider selecting a place closer to the airport.

3. Utilities
Have a clear understanding of all the utilities and their providers. Internet is still a challenge here. Cell phones don’t always work in the mountains. Try your cell phone on property before making a purchase. Gain an understanding of where you will receive water. If well water and septic, ask how to maintain them. If it’s a new homesite, investigate the utilities cost, locations and depth of well.

4. Location
Look for south facing properties and homes for the sunlight. Many north facing properties only have sun for a short time of the day. Little sunlight can be very depressing over time.

5. Transportation
Consider investing in an all-wheel or 4 wheel drive vehicle. In the winter there will be times you’ll need a good dependable car or truck that will get you through the bad weather. Also, it’s a good idea to keep long storing can goods and other foods around the house in the winter for the snow days.

6. Realtor
Make sure to engage a local realtor that understands these mountains and all the benefits and challenges that come with this region.

The Blue Ridge Mountains is a great place to live and call home! When you come here for the first time, remember everything slows down. People’s life expectancy is longer here than the rest of the county for a reason. The roads will slow you down if nothing else.

Once you see the Blue Ghost Fireflies dancing on the horizon, hear the Elk bugle in ancient meadows, or watch the Bald Eagles soar in the Land of the Waterfalls or in one of our National Parks or Forest… you too… will slow down.

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