Blog Day Trips Don’t miss this year’s Outhouse Race in Sapphire, NC!

Don’t miss this year’s Outhouse Race in Sapphire, NC!

Updated: 02/12/2024 • Bernie Gilchrist

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Embark on a whimsical journey to the enchanting mountain town of Sapphire, NC, where families gather from all corners to witness the annual spectacle that is the Outhouse Races since 1993. It's hard to believe, but this year's event marks the 24th Outhouse run in Sapphire, NC—a family tradition. Picture a magical winter wonderland on Saturday, February 17, 2024, where homemade outhouses, transformed into sleds, race down the snowy slopes with a dash of mountain magic.

Crazy? Perhaps. Dangerous? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely! Nowhere else in North Carolina will you find such a peculiar event—Outhouse Races on Snow! Dozens of these quirky contraptions compete for the throne, drawing spectators from across the southeast to witness the chaos and cheer on the brave souls riding the porcelain chariots.

The festivities kick off at 11 a.m., offering food, drinks, and a chance to bring your own picnic. Live music and a static parade set the stage for the main event at 3 p.m. But what exactly are Outhouse Races, you ask?

Imagine homemade outhouses crafted from wood, cardboard, plastic, or any household odds and ends. Teams of three join forces, with two members pushing the skis beneath the outhouse, while the third takes a seat inside, ready for the wild ride. The two-lane snow track stretches about 120 feet, with the first 30 propelled by the pushers and the final 90 relying on gravity.

The Outhouse Races at Sapphire Valley Ski Resort promise an extraordinary experience on February 17, 2024. Adorned in vibrant colors and creative themes, these outhouses defy winter physics, hurtling down the slopes in a spectacle of determination and whimsy.

As teams from different locales converge, creativity and agility take center stage. Designs range from rocket-powered sleds to sleek, aerodynamic masterpieces, transforming the humble outhouse into a symbol of winter hilarity. The atmosphere is electric, with cheers echoing through the mountain air as teams navigate the twists and turns, vying for victory.

Mark your calendars for President's Day Weekend, February 17, 2024, and if you feel the call of the wild (or just the call of nature), join the Great Outhouse Races! Contact 828-743-7663 to participate and be part of this one-of-a-kind winter extravaganza.

So, gear up for a half-day tailgate party at Ski Sapphire Valley's Great Outhouse Races! Food and beverages will be aplenty, and you're welcome to bring your own picnic. Grills near the firepit add a sizzle to the festivities, and live music completes the experience. It's not just a race; it's a celebration of winter, community, and the joy of hurtling down a snow-covered slope on a creatively decorated outhouse.

And remember, all money raised goes to one of our local charities, making the Great Outhouse Races not just a hilarious spectacle but also a heartwarming cause! Don't miss out on the hilarity and cheer as the Southeast Tourism Society has named the Sapphire Valley Outhouse Races one of the Top 20 Events in the Southeast. Join us for a day of laughter, thrills, and mountain magic at the Great Outhouse Races!

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